Georgia's CBD Regulations: Insights and Purchase Options

Georgia's Stance on CBD:

Georgia has embraced the use of CBD oil derived from hemp, aligning with the federal 2018 Farm Bill. This means residents in Georgia can legally use, carry, and purchase hemp-derived CBD products as long as they contain no more than 0.3% THC. In contrast, cannabis-derived CBD is restricted to medical use only. Individuals without a medical cannabis card cannot legally access cannabis-derived CBD products.

Medical Cannabis-Derived CBD in Georgia:

Since 2015, Georgia permits the use of cannabis-derived CBD oil for medical purposes under Haleigh's Hope Act. This law specifies that medical cannabis, particularly CBD-rich oil with low THC levels (up to 5%), is accessible to patients with certain medical conditions. However, Georgia does not allow the in-state cultivation of cannabis for medical use, presenting a logistical challenge for patients needing to source their medication.

Availability of Hemp-Derived CBD in Georgia:

With hemp-derived CBD being entirely legal, Georgia residents can find these products in local dispensaries, health stores, and online. North Georgia, particularly the Greater Atlanta Area, hosts the largest concentration of CBD oil stores. However, the online marketplace offers a wider range of products and is a convenient option for those living outside major urban areas or seeking more variety.

Key Considerations for Consumers:

  • Check the THC content to ensure compliance with Georgia's legal threshold.
  • Be aware of the distinction between hemp-derived and cannabis-derived CBD products.
  • Online shopping offers a broader selection and the convenience of home delivery.


Georgia's approach to CBD reflects a careful balance between federal compliance and recognition of the medical benefits of cannabis-derived CBD. For residents interested in exploring the health benefits of CBD, Georgia offers legal access to hemp-derived products and a regulated system for medical cannabis-derived CBD.

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